This multimedia blog was developed as a central hub to showcase the work of CJ Palanca.

The blog will consist of on-going articles, photo albums, and video series created by CJ Palanca and other collaborators.  The posts will give the viewer a perspective from behind the camera and into CJ’s video-centric life.  In addition to being a multimedia blog, it also serves as a portfolio of various types of work created by CJ Palanca.

Feel free to explore, read, watch, and don’t hesitate to share or reach out, interest in collaborations are always welcomed!

Other Posts

  • 2017 Philippines: Chapter 1 - Beginning our adventures around the Philippines with relaxation and excitement. New Years, a date celebrated around the world.  The ending of the holiday season and an opportunity for new beginnings and experiences.  For my brothers, Jordan and Chase, our parents, Rachelle and Chris, my daughter Isabella, and myself, our new beginning was the beginning of...
  • AisleFive Comes Out of Hibernation - Being a photographer means you are always aware of your surroundings and never leave home without a camera. Yeah, you almost always have your smartphone camera.  But, it is way more fun to look through the viewfinder, completely shutting out the rest of the world as you frame up your shot, and cycle through the settings to...

Other Videos

Oxford Fashion Studio: AWS2016

This is a montage I produced for Oxford Fashion Studio’s NY Fashion Week runway show.  It is a story of the event coming together and then highlights the looks of the show. Other Videos Credit Produced by: CJ Palanca

Inside the Song: The Gentlemen’s Club’s “Doll”

This was a little passion project I had produced with local rock band; The Gentlemen’s Club.  The interview was shot against green, and cut to footage I had captured while in the studio for the recording of their song “Doll.” The HBO logo is irrelevant, it was a test to see if people would believe…