About CJ Palanca

CJ Palanca, or formally known as Christopher/Chris Clavel Palanca, is a video producer and storyteller, based in Northern New Jersey.

In the early 2000’s, CJ picked up a skateboard and a video camera, which sparked a passion for documenting anything and everything life had to offer.  He developed his editing and effects skills while working on skateboarding and snowboarding videos of his friends.  What began as a hobby of creating videos of people doing incredible stunts and having fun, turned into much more.

By his junior year in high school at North Warren Regional, in Blairstown, New Jersey, he was brought onto the production of a pilot for a PBS funded kids television show.  The opportunity gave him the chance to get hands on studio experience with cameras, production lighting, acting, and editing.  By the end of the production, CJ had decided that this was the life he wanted to live, the environment he thrived in, and the best medium for telling his stories.

After graduating from high school in 2009, CJ attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he furthered his experience in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production.  Every project CJ produced for his classes surpassed the minimal criteria, so much so that when he graduated from AIPH in 2012, he was awarded best portfolio and was an honorary graduate.

Post graduation, CJ moved back to North New Jersey, and began freelancing.  The work he acquired ranged from event coverage, corporate interviews to music videos, and narratives throughout the area.  Not long after graduation, he became the in-house video producer for H2M beverage company, where he produced sponsored content of event coverage and developed marketing content for the company.

In spring of 2013, CJ left H2M Beverages for an in-house producer position at Sound Imagination, an audio and video production company, with focus in music and advertising.  CJ produced projects for several major companies throughout New Jersey, New York, and New England, mastering audio production and motion graphics during this time.

Throughout his time at both companies, CJ continued to freelance on the side so that he could continue to explore every type of production he could be apart of.

After establishing connections with several companies and clients, CJ left Sound Imagination full-time in 2015 to focus on CJPVideos, his passion project production company.  CJPVideos has been in-motion since 2010, started by CJ while still studying at AIPH. CJ and his company have won several awards for projects he’s produced or played a major part, and has been involved in various video productions.

This blog was is multimedia outlet for projects CJ Palanca has produced, and a display for his visual storytelling and video production portfolio.