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2017 Philippines: Chapter 3

A story of how culture and determination molded an artist and his dreams. Before leaving Bacolod, I had the incredible opportunity of catching the opening night of the "Dream Toys" art exhibit. "Dream Toys" is a collection of mud clay comic book figurines , created by Mark Juaniza.  When Juaniza was younger, he dreamt of having toys of [...]

2017 Philippines: Chapter 1

Beginning our adventures around the Philippines with relaxation and excitement. New Years, a date celebrated around the world.  The ending of the holiday season and an opportunity for new beginnings and experiences.  For my brothers, Jordan and Chase, our parents, Rachelle and Chris, my daughter Isabella, and myself, our new beginning was the beginning of [...]


This multimedia blog was developed as a central hub to showcase the work of CJ Palanca. The blog will consist of on-going articles, photo albums, and video series created by CJ Palanca and other collaborators.  The posts will give the viewer a perspective from behind the camera and into CJ's video-centric life.  In addition to being a multimedia blog, it also serves [...]

77 in February

77 degrees in February is quite an oddity.  When it happens, you better get outside and document it. That is exactly what my daughter, Izzy and I did.  We ventured off to the local playground to burn off some energy and take advantage of the incredible natural light we were given.  Subconsciously, I had strategically picked a red outfit for [...]