“After Life” (2017) My Rode Reel Short Film/Behind the Scenes

A short film produced by Chris Palanca, which was written and created by Chase and Chris Palanca as a submission for Rode Microphones’ My Rode Reel Short Film contest and Chase’s class final for a JHU class.

“A post-apocalyptic journey from the perspective of a zombie that begs the question: is the After Life one worth living?”

As part of the My Rode Reel submission, a behind the scenes was also produced.


Written and Created by - Chase Palanca & Chris Palanca
Directed by - Chase Palanca
Produced by - CJ Palanca

Father - Paul Marra
Zombie 1 - Matthew Nicholoff
Zombie 2 - Matthew Bono
News Reporter 1 - Lenny Steinline
Scientist - Edward Kessel
New Reporter 2 - Jay Clavel
Gunman - Charles Leonard
Daughter - Isabella Palanca

Director of Photography - Chris Palanca
Audio Recording - Christian Bowman
Still Photography - John Kluska
Editor - CJ Palanca
Audio Post-Production - Christian Bowman

SFX Makeup Artists - Kaeleigh Burke & Dana Greene
Craft Service - Rachelle Palanca
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